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Crystals and Their Meanings

Here at DyCan Cosmetics, we strive to continuously provides tools for self care and overall wellness of the mind, body and spirit. As I've personally continued to expand my own spiritual awareness and beliefs, I've found that there is merit in the carrying of talismans that draw in the energies you're looking for and cast away negative, harmful energies that can hinder your progress. DISCLAIMER: These claims are of a metaphysical scientific nature. These things are subject to change as more information becomes available. 

We are introducing beaded crystal bracelets to our ever-expanding line of wellness tools! Below, you will find a table of the various crystals we work with here to bring these stylish adornments to you: 

 Crystal Name Properties
Obsidian Power, Protection, Grounding
Serpentine Mental clarity for deeper meditation
Purple Mica Deep emotional healing, soothing and reduction of stress and depression
Yellow Agate/Orca Agate Protection against negative energies
Purple Agate Protection against negative energies and accidents 
Blue Agate Clear communication, expressing truth/one's truth, inner wisdom, encourages personal expression, calming thoughts and relaxation
Rose Quartz  Promotes emotional health, release emotional blockages, balancing of the chakras 
Cherry Quartz Profusion of life, vigor, enthusiasm 
Aquamarine Happiness, hope, and everlasting youth
Imperial Jade A symbol of status, purity, deep spirituality and good health
Ruby in Zoisite Spiritual strength, determination, removing anxiety, promotes calming energies, rebirth and renewal. 


If any of these properties are things you're looking for in your daily journey, you can purchase them here! 

Question for the reader: What ways do you engage in spirituality? 

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