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Education Of Cosmetic Care

  • Crystals and Their Meanings

    From protection to mental clarity and balance, and everything in between, we have gathered a collection of crystals to turn into beaded bracelets for your physical, spiritual and mental wellness and adornment.
  • Scented Body Care: How We're Changing The Way Scent Can Influence Self-Care

    An in-depth look into the selection of fragrances in our body care products, such as body wash, that cater to sensitive skin and other skin types.
  • Happy New Year Lovelies!!

    Hey my lovelies!  New year = some necessary changes.  We’ve been having a few hassles with the way shipping was handled in former days, and with ...
  • Scent Pairings

    Scent pairing doesn’t have to be a haunting house level of fear. I’m here to take you through some scent pairings of our available scented items to fit your tastes! 
  • Fall Scents, Black American Culture, and Visibility

    Hey y’all, it’s Dee and I want to talk about something very special to me.  Being a Black person in the US has been, for me personally, a bittersw...
  • Black History: Ever Growing

    Although it may sound good to support corporations that claim to donate towards Black causes, especially during February, I'd like to bring more at...
  • Community Gift: Chicken Veggie Soup Recipe

    A gift to you from my hands and heart this Fall 2021.
  • Hi, I'm Your Queer Cosmetics Formulator.

    If you didn't know, I'm not a woman.  Some of you may be wondering what exactly I mean by this. I am non-binary, meaning that my gender identity do...
  • Yes, You DO Need A Skincare Routine!

    How having a skincare routine informed by research and my unique skin needs changed my skin health in the best ways.
  • How Clay Masks Helped Me Heal

    A small love letter to self-reflection.
  • Intersections And Access: How These Terms Work Together

    When discussing the mission of DyCan Cosmetics, intersectionality is at the forefront of what I do. As a Black marginalized person, the understanding of intersectionality is vital to not only the work I create, but to the communities that I aid in. Please take a moment to read this editorial written by yours truly.
  • Let's Talk About Clay Masks

    Clay masks are not only a wonderful addition to your care routine, but carry various benefits when mixed with the right additives and hydrates.