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Highly recommend for sensitive skin! I usually can't use scrubs as they irritate my skin due to my skin conditions, but this one didn't at all. It left me feeling exfoliated and hydrated, too. I adore the plant parent scent across the board!!!

I adore this body wash. I usually can't use products with fragrance but this one didn't irritate my skin at all. It cleanses very well and it suds up so much rubbing your washrag together, a little goes a long way. The scent is kind of addicting honestly, just gorgeous. Very good for sensitive skin.

11/10. This is another holy grail product for me. I put it on before bed every night and wake up with such hydrated lips. I love love this product.


This is my go to lip balm. It's so hydrating and I love how my lips look after use. I put it on in the morning after skincare and then reapply once later in the day. This is a holy grail product to me.

This toner is very hydrating!

This product left my skin feeling smooth and very well cleansed, I loved it!

Amazing body lotion

This body lotion is amazing, I used it after showers and first in the morning, I intentionally scratch my arms a little to see if maybe my skin is still dry and there was nothing, I smell great and my skin is soft and buttery, the smell, the color, the lightness but deep coverage, must have!

Lovely lip mask

I constantly deal with cracked lips, I started using this mask first thing in the morning and when I go to bed and I have noticed that my lips aren't as cracked as normal and feel more moisturized than usual. I am absolutely in love with it

Treasure Warren
Amazing curling jelly!

Honestly I absolutely love this curling jelly. The aloe makes my hair smell so clean and it leaves my hair with a lot of shine but not at all greasy. This on top of some leave in conditioner is awesome and doesn’t overwhelm my hair like heavier products would. Also my hair was soft to the touch but held in place. Love it!

Soft And Sweet Palette
VIOLETTE GREY / Claire Snyder

I bought these for my fren Orange Juice, she really loves them and thinks they are very Gorgleous! She is 12 and is my style icon!

My holy grail leave in!!

I have fine 3c curls that have been bleached and this leave in conditioner not only meets all of my needs but is by far the best conditioner I’ve ever tried. I wash and go every day and this keeps my hair moisturized all day long with curls popping. I can’t recommend this enough esp if you’re worried about your hair getting weighed down.

My new favorite face wash

I have only owned this bottle for a day and a half, so this might sound a little dramatic, but I'm in LOVE with how this face cleanser makes my skin feel!! I have very sensitive skin, so finding a face wash that doesn't dry me out or make me itchy has been a struggle. But Dymond does it again—this cleanser is PERFECT. It only takes a little bit, and it feels so refreshing on the skin! I followed this wash with a small amount of simply great lotion and my face was SO SOFT. Once again, I'm overjoyed with Dymond's craft— amazing products with such simple ingredients, you can absolutely feel the care that goes into every bit. Thank you so much! 💖

Fresh scent, smoothest lotion!

This lotion has such a refreshing, slightly fruity scent! it reminds me of carefree summer days and going to the beach 💕 a great way to keep my hands from getting cracked after lots and lots of hand washing. Thank you!!

Smells like magic

I got this lotion for my sister and she loves it! The fragrance is so nice and the lotion feels great on my skin after washing my hands 💜

[BODIED.] Acrylic Painting, Vol. 1
VIOLETTE GREY / Claire Snyder
Beautiful representation and vulnerability

As a beautiful, Black woman, it was refreshing to see Black, femme art that felt real. This piece makes me feel seen, complete with the golden stretch marks that brought my two babies into this world. Thank you for celebrating Black womanhood, real bodies, and sharing your artistry.

Ruby Palette
Sharon Jones
Love my Ruby Palette

Packaged beautifully and the colors are amazing!

Great for the HOT summer!

My AC went out a couple of days ago and it's hot and very humid. I used this fresh and clean body wash and it has my skin soft and clean without feeling that soapy buildup. I am also smelling fresh and clean all day. I highly recommend this product!!!

Definitely sticks

I live in Arizona it's super hot here and out of all my eyeliners I've tried this one holds the best. My eyes get oily and I have a monolid, but this really tries to stay put, love the brush tip, it's also super pigmented. The only thing is definitely use makeup remover to wipe it off.


I am forever purchasing from you! I have extremely sensitive skin and get these bad dry patches due to my eczema and I’ve used to many creams but they just feel oily but not this one! It absorbs so nicely but leaves my skin baby soft and has been the only thing to get rid of those patches! I’ve never felt my skin so soft 😭😭 thank you!


I love this scrub. I be feeling all sawft and cute after I use it in the shower. The scent isn't overpowering and the formula doesn't break me out.

My New Favorite Eyeliner!!!

I am in love with this eyeliner! The pigment is rich and has a great consistency. It went on so smooth!

Amazing wash, no residue

I live in an area with hard water so often I still have residue on my skin even with extra scrubbing after without the water. This body wash not only cleansed, but kept my skin soft and left no extra residue on my skin. A little pump goes a long way! It lathers and spreads so beautifully.

While it is not advertised as such, I did test it to shave my legs and it created a beautiful glide between the razor and my skin. Caution: if your razor isn’t rubberized it CAN cause slippage.

I used this in conjunction with the foaming body scrub especially on my thighs where I have really bad keratosis pilaris ((excessive keratin buildup that causes redness and bumpiness)) and in just two uses my thighs have never been SO PRISTINE! There’s drastically less bumpiness and almost no more redness!! ((PICTURE INCLUDED))

I used to use oatmeal based washes like Shea Moisture for the longest time but never again, this wash is absolutely everything I ever dreamed of!!

Absolutely amazing!

This scrub is so nice and it smells absolutely divine. It leaves my skin so smooth and the scent is so soft even after rinsing it off!

Lux Lip Gloss
Marquella Scott

Very nice feeling. It's not heavy. It literally glosses most of the day and heals dry lips. Mixes great with lip stick etc.

Love this!

This is a product that I never knew I needed! It’s a brilliant idea, to make a scrub that is also a body wash! I have had “scrub” body wash in the past from mass-market stores, but it was always very thin on the scrub, and didn’t seem like it did anything. This stuff is a body scrub FIRST, so it is perfectly dense with the scrubby ingredients, and finishes as a wash. It’s all one step to exfoliate and clean! I love how it smells, too. It’s hard to describe, as it is a very different scent, but it is very nice!