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this is amazing.

this hair cream is amazing. Works to moisture hair and restore curl pattern on hairtypes from anthing to a slight wave to really curly 4c hair and everything in between. I hope this comes back in stock soon, because i keep recommending it to pretty much everyone.

Pastel Perfection

The colors really POP 😍👏🏾🙏🏾

So far I have used the Yellow (me in Black), Green & the Blue. The green & the blue brought much needed bright color. The yellow while I thought wasn't visible was really highlighted in the sunshine & I was so happy with how well I could see it.

A little goes a long way 🙏🏾🥰💙

YES 👏🏾🙏🏾💙

This was my 1st time using Matte Lipstick that didn't immediately get watery & smudge.

They colors POP especially the blue . I use it on my lips & sometimes as eyeshadow because it is so pigmented.

Works great

Does its job and does it well (I would say this is a must if you want to purchase the lipstick).

This pen is everything!!!

The liquid eyeliner is THAT GWORLLL!! It was easy to apply and very forgiving. It also lasted and stayed bold ALL day!!

Love it, but it does stain my skin so be careful!

It’s a really great formula and so pigmented, a perfect black. But it does stain my skin so be careful upon application!

Cream Lip Liner
Holly Anne
Unfortunately I can’t seem to sharpen it

It’s a beautiful color but I can’t seem to sharpen it. I think I would have to use a knife. Otherwise it just gets stuck in my sharpener.

Absolutely love

I'm not usually a big makeup person but I have absolutely loved this set of water activated liners. 100% recommended


This stuff smells and feels like heaven. I don’t even think I knew how fake other body washes smell until now. It’s so smooth feeling, the smell is just perfection, and you’re left feeling surprisingly moisturized for not having put on lotion yet! (My dry skin thanks me for it.) Will be restocking!!

The only eyeliner pen I’ll ever buy

Y’all I’ve been using liquid liner and eyeliner pens for forever. Especially drugstore cheap ones because… well they’re cheap. And every single time without fail, they’re a flop. Sometimes they last a few uses then fray, sometimes they just don’t go on cleanly, sometimes they rub off if the WIND so much as dares to touch it. But THIS eyeliner is my new holy grail. It goes on cleanly, it STAYS (smudge proof!) , it still comes off with some good makeup remover, it’s pigmented, it creates a good cat eye, everything you could ask for in a budget liner. Never going back!


This is THE MOST pigmented eyeliner I own. I've bought some for myself and for my friends. The colors POP and it goes on so smoothly. It truly is water activated. You don't need anything but the brush, the liner, and a lil bit of water. It's like magic!

The eyes of a royal cryptid

Imagine finding truth and confidence at the age of 46, because years of talk therapy, flashbacks revisiting trauma, working through PTSD, cutting off your bio family, amicably divorcing your wife of 22 years, finding a career that fits your abilities. Then imagine putting on eye makeup for the first time in your life and feeling whole for the first time ever, even pre-op. Thank you Frog 🐸 @dycancosmo for making quality eye palettes that even differently abled people can use confidently. My non-binary ass is gonna rock the shit out of makeup!

I love these

These sticky notes are so cute! I got the lined ones and they're so great for taking notes on a cute background! These have greatly helped me stay organized

Wonderful Product

The liner is beautiful and super pigmented, I cannot wait to do some wonderful looks with this.

Love love love!!!!!!

These pots are so awesome!!! I love how they are two for one, and it’s so much fun to play with the colors!!! While I’m not very skilled at makeup, the brushes these came with make it easier than I thought and these products remind me of how much fun I had when I first experimented with makeup. So high quality, so much fun!!!!

Hand Knit Washcloths
Alex Cordero

SO SO SO SOFT AND BEAUTIFUL! It looks even prettier in person, I got the blue one and it’s so vibrant and soft. Feels so high quality.


Y’all, I’m a makeup artist and these are literally amazing!!!!! The formula is so smooth and opaque! They stayed for hours and did not budge I’ve tried the pink and blue so far and they didn’t stain my eyes I was so happy! I cannot wait to try more 😭


I use this one (bath wash too) before bed because it calms me and it smells so lovely. I finish my bath off with the oil and it’s just perfect and the best way to finish a long day.

Dreamy just like it's name 🤍

I just love Dycan Cosmetics body washes so much. They are my absolute favorite to use. They larger up so much, a little goes a long way. And the scents are just so nice, I really love this lavender dreams wash for when I'm feeling kind of down. Something about the smell of lavender just calms you and helps you sleep easier. This wash feels so luxurious during use and leaves you so soft. I highly recommend this product.

Dreamy just like it's name 🤍

This body oil feels so lovely on the skin. It leaves you glowing and so soft. It smells heavenly, too! I highly recommend this product. 🤍

My favorite gloss

Phenomenal for every day wear! The glitter just screams main character

Best fragrance free body wash!!!

I love this body wash. It’s great for my sensitive skin! It lathers well and lasts a long time. I keep it in stock at home!

My every day wear

I’ve been so obsessed with this gloss super shiny & subtly sparkly


I truly love the eyeliner pen I usually struggle to create a good wing but with the dycan waterproof eyeliner pen I’m becoming a semi master . I also love that it’s long lasting. I bartend on the weekends and from 7pm- 5am my eyeliner is still on .

In love.

This is now one of my favorite scents. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth. I'm truly in love with this product.