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Fall Scents, Black American Culture, and Visibility

Hey y’all, it’s Dee and I want to talk about something very special to me. 

Being a Black person in the US has been, for me personally, a bittersweet tale of fighting for visibility and humanity in the midst of triumph. On one hand, I’ve been incredibly blessed and privileged to have a multitude of talents and skills over the course of nearly 26 years living. However, the general devaluing of my knowledge and contributions to collective spaces (read: academia) has left me to call into question the great American past time of snatching things from Black hands and minds and claiming it as their own. 

Those that have come before me, and the generations to follow, deserve the acknowledgment, respect and reverence of the things we have to offer to collective advancement and betterment. I am making it my personal mission to continue to create avenues that honor and give platform to integral parts of Black American culture. 

The first initiative in which I will be doing so, will be a collection of body care items centered around prominent parts of Black culture, such as lemon, pound cake, mahogany, shea, and more. Coming between Fall and Winter 2022, this collection will have many items ready for you to care for your body and mind. These items will include: Body Wash, Body Scrub, Body Lotion, and Body Oil. Today and everyday, I am proud to be Black. Join me in celebration this season! 

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