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How Clay Masks Helped Me Heal

So, we had a brief summary of how clay works with the skin and various hydrates for differing cosmetic benefits. This week, I’d like to talk about how the intentional use of a clay mask helped me to reconcile a part of myself that had been long left unattended. 

As discussed in the last blog, Let’s Talk About Clay Mask, I made mention that the practice of using clays in beauty regimens dates back very far in pre-colonial civilizations. Somewhere along the way, through years of cultural appropriation and outright stealing of sacred cultural practices, clay masks became more of a guarded privilege than a rightful step towards skincare and cosmetics. I always felt like I didn’t fit into the parameters of deserving to use a clay mask, unless I worked myself into a frenzy of tiredness. The value of using something, that on an ancestral level I have every right to use, was somehow skewed to how much can I add to my spot in the grand scheme of capitalism. 

I had used clay masks before, noting how lovely my skin would feel afterward every time. And then I would go months without doing one again, because capitalism made me think that I wasn’t deserving of luxury, despite the amount of work I did. 

As I took the time at the end of this week to not only use a mask mix once, but now three times, I realized on an intrinsic level that returning to these practices are not only necessary for skin health, but also for reconciling lost practices through years of colonialism. Money was not a stopping point for care, and I fully believe that this is where we as a collective need to get back to. 

I will be making a few different versions of clay masks for sale in the coming weeks, along with toner waters and facial wash. Please be on the lookout for them! 

Til next time my lovelies 💜

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