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Meet Your Cosmo Formulator!

Hey y'all! 

This is a formal introduction to Dymond Cannon, the name and face behind DyCan Cosmetics LLC. 

Skin care and hair care were intrinsic parts of my adolescent and teenage experience. On a cultural level, upkeep of your skin and hair are very important. My maternal influences knew the importance of this, and would spend countless hours teaching me the methods of upkeep for my eventual departure of the home. 

Being an analytical person by nature, I began to research different methods of upkeep, which drove me to look into ingredients and their functions for skin, hair and nail care. What I found was not only informing, but alarming. 

I grew up low income, so the access to better methods of care were very limited at best. The products I could get my hands on as a minimum wage working young adult were full of filler ingredients that did nothing for my skin or hair, and eventually caused harm via overactive acne, eczema flair-ups, hair breakage and damage over time and more. 

I couldn't roll over and continue to accept this, so I started looking for better options. Some would work for temporary fixes, but the prolonged upkeep was more than I could afford. As I matured, my money situation wasn't much better but I was determined to have better for myself. 

After the birth and first year of my daughter's life, I knew that my passionate search for better needed to come back into full play. I started my company under that very premise: Better options at accessible prices. 

DyCan Cosmetics was born January 2020, and I am so honored to be the formulator behind your new favorite cosmetic care. 

Through my business, I've been able to extend my community aid efforts to giving direct mutual aid to Black marginalized folks across different states. I plan to continue these efforts as my business grows. 

I am a wife, mother, community aid organizer, cosmetics enthusiast and mid-level formulator. I am a college dropout and visual artist. I am fat, Black, bold, loud and every manifestation of my collective ancestors dreams. It's so nice to meet you! 

Dymond Cannon



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