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Scent Pairings

Yes lovely, you can mix and match your scents with ease! 

Scent pairing doesn’t have to be a haunting house level of fear. I’m here to take you through some scent pairings of our available scented items to fit your tastes! 

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Soft Pairings: These pairings are scents that are lighter and work beautifully together to give a layered fragrance. 

Fresh and Clean + Lavender Dreams 

The warmth of Mahogany Shea and the earthy yet light refreshing nature of Lavender florals work together to make a feel good, smell good experience. 

Plant Parent + Lavender Dreams

Nothing quite compares to the combination of bright, green, clean succulents and soft, fragrant lavender bundles. This mix, in any ratio, will make you feel like you’re intertwined in nature and nurturing energies.

Moonlit Night + Lavender Dreams 

Can you imagine the best smelling mix of berries, florals and light musk? Keep that image in mind when you pair these two together! 

Bold Pairings: These combos work together to bring forth an expressive, dynamic pairing of fragrance notes! 

Cashmere Kisses + Lavender Dreams 

Plums, berries, lavender, jasmine and more lay a foundation for a floral scent with a punch! 

Plant Parent + Lemon Treats 

Lemons and succulents work surprisingly well together! This unlikely combo is fun and delightful. 

Summer’s Day + Lemon Treats 

Mangos, coconuts, lemons, AND cake batter? You LITERALLY can’t go wrong here. If you have any Summer’s Day in your routine, grab this Lemon Treats and amplify that fruit filled goodness. 

Fresh and Clean + Lemon Treats 

Mahogany Shea has the warm, earthy notes to balance the bright fruitiness of Lemon Treats. This combo feels like a warm hug. 

Cashmere Kisses + Lemon Treats 

Lemons, plums and berries play very well together to create a combo like no other! If you wanna feel like an absolute snack, this is the one for you. 

Plant Parent + Moonlit Night 

Nothing feels better than smelling like succulents and bright florals. This duo is dynamic and durable indeed! 

Cashmere Kisses + Moonlit Night

This one for the grown folks! If you wanna feel clean, sexy, and cool, put these two together. Trust me. 

DISCLAIMER: Fragrance combinations also depend on your personal preferences and body chemistry. These are my informed opinions, take em with a grain of salt. 

What’s your favorite DyCan Combo? Lemme know below!! 

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