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Yes, You DO Need A Skincare Routine!

For my fellow millennials/older gen-z, 

This is a love letter and gentle call in. I thought I would never find a dedicated skincare routine until I hit 30. From seeing adverts with nothing but older folks in them, anti-aging being the largest marketing push for at least a decade, and stores filled with perfumes and harsh scrubs, I figured I wouldn’t need much of anything until I got older. I was drastically mistaken, and I’m here to save you from the mistakes I made while sharing how I reversed the years of neglect to my skin. 

If you’re anything like me, using big brand products has likely cost you money, time and skin health over a period of time. I have eczema, sensitive and dry skin. Using a bad face wash one too many times could trigger my skin into painful flare-ups for weeks! So what did I do? I started researching and formulating my own products. 

About a month ago now, I finally took the leap of faith to make my very first self-written facial wash formula. I did weeks of research into surfactants, active ingredients, skin benefits and correctives and more in order to make my finalized decision towards this product. Once made, I began a month-long trial period of using this product twice a day. The differences in my skin were everything I could have asked for and more! 

I struggled with hyperpigmentation and hormonal acne for the last 4-5 years, with my acne getting worse after giving birth. With this cucumber facial wash, not only am I seeing less visible dark marks and scaring on my face, I am also enjoying much less visibly present acne when I do have acne flare-ups around the start and duration of my menstrual cycle. Coupled with an apple cucumber toner, apple moisturizer, emulsified clay masks and oil cleanser, my skin looks the best it’s ever looked post-adolescence. 

In short, invest in your skincare. Look at the ingredients, find ways to understand what these ingredients do for your skin, and move with confidence. Skincare is pretty trial and error, but I know for a fact that you can do this. My skin isn't perfect by any means, but its much healthier and feels tremendously better than when I left the results to chance.  Look out for our upcoming skincare line launch!

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