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We're Going Through Changes; Shipment Times And Further Procedures

Things are shifting in this new season here at DyCan Cosmetics!! 

Our founder, Dymond, has taken up an opportunity to lend their unique skills in customer service to another venture on a part time basis, meaning that restocking and lead times will be shifting. 

 Procedure Details/Changes
Restocking/ Releases

- Staggered restocking times

- Handmade items may take longer to make and release due to time availability.

- Larger releases of multiple items

Fulfillment Times

- Shipping day: Wednesday of the current week; any orders made after Tuesday at Midnight EST will be shipped the following week. 

- Pre-ordered items will follow set times described in the listings. 


We are diligently working on holiday releases in various collections! We'll be collaborating with Solar Candle Company and River L Jax, with others pending!! Go check them out!! 


READER QUESTION: What kinds of things are you most excited to see this holiday season?